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About Us

One Location for All Your Auto Solutions

When your car needs care, you should be able to get all the services you need in one location. We strive to make auto repairs as convenient as possible while producing quality results. Our expert auto technicians service domestic and imported vehicles so we can fix almost any cars for you or your family members drive. At our auto repair shop, we provide extensive services, including:

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Regular maintenance for your car will maintain  its functionality. We have got you covered when its time for a oil change or tune-up.

Our technicians use the best technology to diagnose any issues your vehicle may have. Has your engine light come one recently? We will find the cause.

Car Collision? Not a problem

We have over 20 years of experience in collision repair, and we exceed other buisnesses around us in this sphere. We specialize in Fords, Lincols, Hondas, and more.

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Our Service is available from:

10am–7pm, Monday through Friday

We are based in West Sac. Our address is : [ 524 Houston Street ]

Phone: [ (916-769-1299) ]

Email: [ cars4sale916@live.com ]

Facebook: [ Coming soon ]