Oil Changes & Tune-Ups

Keep Your Vehicle Up & Running in West Sac, CA

In West Sacramento and the surrounding California communities, regular oil change and tune-up services are available. DVV Advanced Auto can help you maintain a smooth ride and the functionality of your vehicle. Our professionals are trained in taking care of a wide range of cars. Oil changes should be performed at regular mileage intervals based on the type of vehicle. Acquiring tune-ups should be done every year and more frequently for older or highly used vehicles. These services are preventative maintenance that will ensure your vehicle is performing its best. Contact our professionals today to schedule an oil change or tune-up service for your car.

Why Does My Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

An oil change includes checking the quality and amount of oil in your vehicle. The oil protects the engine from friction, rust, and dust. With the right amount of oil, the engine stays lubricated, allowing the components to interact correctly. Over time, the oil collects dust to protect the more sensitive parts of the engine. However, this buildup causes the oil to become less effective. Our professionals will replace the old oil with enough clean oil for the engine to operate efficiently. Regular oil changes protect your car’s engine from damage.

What Is the Importance of a Tune-Up?

We will check a variety of your car’s components at our shop during a tune-up. Our mechanics will inspect the spark plugs, filters, fluids, transmission, engine, and more. With a routine tune-up, potential problems are identified before they become costly or dangerous. Tune-ups are a great way to care for your vehicle and preserve its longevity. Other benefits of regular tune-ups include:

Decrease Breakdown Odds

Keeping your car in good condition with regular inspections and maintenance will prevent the chances of it breaking down when driving.

Save Money

Catching problems before they start will save you money on repairs. Replacing a bad spark plug is much cheaper than rebuilding the engine.

Maintain Fuel Efficiency

Clean fuel and engine filters combined with a properly tuned engine can significantly reduce fuel consumption.

Reduce Emissions

A poorly maintained vehicle emits more toxic fumes, which increases the chances of smog check failure.

Protect Your Vehicle With Our Oil Change & Tune-Up Services

DVV Advanced Auto offers oil change and tune-up services to ensure your vehicle is effective, efficient, and safe. Staying on top of your car’s status is easy with our professional services. Delaying regular oil changes and tune-ups will increase the chances of costly problems in the future. Our Automotive Service Excellence certified technicians are prepared to give your vehicle the necessary care. We work quickly and effectively, so you can save time and money when you choose our shop for your preventative automotive services.